Shakey Walls is nothing if not an unusual combination: a lifelong professional
musician whose greatest work is outside his learned field; the creator of a new
art expression, which spans both ends of a century in a juxtaposition of computer
and industrial age and a modest genius. As a classic outsider, he's been called a
self-taught artist apprenticed to a master.

When I was twelve, in wood shop in high school we were given projects to come up with a design of our own and mine was a strawberry crossed with an octopus. I still have that piece after all these yearsˇ.

The education I received in ART is one of trial and error and attention to detail and the extreme love of colour.

All through high school, my self and a friend created hex designs commonly seen on barns in the Menonite and Amish communities, which I still have and will develop in the future. While in the Air Force I began doodling with art, scratching and using ae protractor for circles and static designs. After leaving the service I found myself married and sitting in a Sears store with a five foot piece of driftwood found on the beach at Birch Bay outside of Blaine, Washington, sketching the designs from the wall onto the driftwood. I must have been causing a lot of consternation with that behavior.

What began with award-winning work in woodcarving, teacher, and solo shows transitioned when my designs reminded a friend of his late grandfather's catalogue of watches from the year 1902.

Because of an artist I saw named Chahuly, I wanted my watches to show a plethora of combinations of hues which added a flood of color for the eyes. The great difference in Chahuly and his glass creations mattered only in that the colors where astonishing and left me with a feeling of a great experience in art.